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Selected Pictures: Projects


Photographer: All Downhill Distribution

Kozákov Downhill Challenge is one of the biggest competitions of the world. This World Cup race organized by CGSA and IDF is becoming a legendary event which takes place every year in Czech Republic. Photographers standing next to the track to capture the most beautiful moments. I couldn't choose which photo because they are all great and beautiful shot. This photo makes clear what downhill skateboarding is, going down a hill as fast as possible.



Photo: Dineke Cornelissen

Many people will agree; Switzerland is beautiful. The way they build there roads, the nature and the big amount of space. Me and my team buddies went to Switzerland to explore new roads to skate, and to shoot photos and videos. Difficult is to find a new angle for a picture. This photo was shot from out of a car which was driving behind.



Photo: Dineke Cornelissen

People where wondering how a Dutch person can be good in downhill skateboarding. We live in a flat country, but that doesn't mean we can practice our push. It's the most important movement for a race, how faster your push is, how faster you are on speed. Dineke Cornelissen made this picture while pushing behind me with the strong headwind. Shot in The Hague in the Netherlands.



Photographer: Christian Kreuter

If you find a road you have to make sure there is not much traffic. You don't want meet a car on a narrow road with no space to avoid. If you really want to send it hard down the mountain there are organized events where the road is closed, hay bales in corners and uphill lifts by busses. This picture is made by one of those freerides which takes place in Slovenia.

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