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Documentary produced by Olympic Channel

This documentary film 'Speed Boarders' from the Olympic Channel covers a few key riders at the Kozakov Challenge and what goes down at a world-class downhill skateboard event.

Told through the eyes some of the world’s top-ranked downhill skaters, Speed Boarders features Rachel Bruskoff (Los Angeles, CA, USA), Taylor Cook (Auckland, NZL), Daniel Engel (Bakersfield, CA, USA), Jasmijn Hanegraef (Gent, BEL), Lisa Peters (Haarlem, NED), Emily Pross (Vernon, NJ, USA), and the sport’s power couple Tamara Prader (Luzein, SUI) and Patrick Switzer (Hanover, ONT, CAN) both on and off the race course.

Speed Boarders (26 minutes) is an Olympic Channel Production, and is the Channel’s first original film dedicated to the sport of skateboarding which will make its debut on the Olympic Programme at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Directed by: Jonathan Taylor

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